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Melissa Brown
Southern California Photographer
@mat3.photography | @mat3photo

Melissa Brown a local photographer who captures the California lifestyle thru a lens. Her art has been displayed at the hidden gem called The Boathouse Collective located in Costa Mesa as well around town in Homes and Offices. You can purchase selected limited-edition prints through Best Framing under their signed Artists collection.  She was recently featured in I Heart Costa Mesa's Online magazine as well selected by SD Voyagers as an Artist who inspires.

Note from the artist: I found a love for the arts at an early age. Photography is my passion. Exploring life behind a camera lens offers unlimited possibilities. Whether I am snapping away on an art piece for a venue or a clients home,  lifestyle or sporting event, the excitement of catching a treasured moment is priceless. There's nothing sweeter then bringing joy to others through an image. 

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